All Madison residential streets to be plowed Tuesday

Officials worried about getting wet, heavy snow
All Madison residential streets to be plowed Tuesday
Mark Schilling

The Madison streets department will be plowing all city streets Tuesday, after more than 2 inches of snow came down Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The streets department has 32 trucks working salt routes to keep the main arterials clean Tuesday morning. However, they will divert some of those trucks to help with the full plowing operation.

Madison Streets Superintendent Chris Kelley says the city usually waits until 3 inches of snow has fallen to do a full plow. However, he said this snow is different because it’s wet and heavy, and temperatures are expected to fall over the next day.

“Choosing to leave the streets unplowed would create roads with frozen ruts that would prove difficult for travel,” Kelley said. “With that in mind, the Streets Division decided it would be best to plow this snow.”

Kelley said that since this is not a declared snow emergency, they will not call in extra contractors to do the job Tuesday. They will do the whole operation in-house, using 80 pieces of their own equipment. That means it will take the streets department 18-20 hours to do the job, instead of 10-12 hours.

Kelley said the streets division hopes residents will not park their vehicle on the street to help facilitate plowiing. However, since this is not a declared snow emergency, alternate-side parking restrictions will only be in effect outside of the downtown Snow Emergency Zone. Also, since this is not a snow emergency event, regular rates will remain in place at all city parking ramps.