All-in-one addiction recovery clinic opens in Madison

Monarch Health


MADISON, Wis.– After discovering a need for addiction treatment in the community, a group of physicians created Monarch Health, an all-in-one treatment clinic for people suffering from opioid and alcohol abuse.

As an emergency room physician, Dr. Mike Repplinger treats patients for symptoms of withdrawal.

“People come in and just floored withdrawal, shaking, sweating, feeing miserable and within 90 minutes, I can turn them around with this medication buprenorphine and get them on the right track,” Repplinger said.

After helping his patients, Repplinger found the only places to refer his patients for continuing treatments had waiting lists between three and four months.

With the help of his colleagues, Repplinger created a clinic that provides immediate treatment all under one roof.

“This building is really the culmination of two years of dreaming and vision,” Repplinger said. “We have many tools to help in the treatment of opioid abuse disorder and we tailor treatment to what would best help the patient.”

The clinic provides medical evaluation and treatment, individual and group counseling, pharmacy and laboratory services and case management.

“There are other services in the community that have certain components of what we are doing, but frequently not all of what we are doing,” Repplinger said.

The clinic will not turn any patients on Medicaid away. There’s no limit to how many Medicaid patients the clinic can treat.

Repplinger said a comprehensive clinic is especially needed right now.

“The COVID epidemic has only exacerbated the opioid epidemic to the point of nearly a 50 percent increase of opioid overdoses in Dane County alone,” Repplinger said.

Monarch Health is prepared to see in-person appointments on Monday. Physicians will take COVID-19 precautions, including on-site testing.