All-City Dive Meet is proud tradition for Hearn family

4 siblings take part in All-City Dive Meet
All-City Dive Meet is proud tradition for Hearn family

More than 330 divers from 12 Madison pools were in Middleton on Monday for the All-City Swim Meet’s diving competition.

For one Madison family, the All-City Dive Meet has been a proud tradition for nearly two decades.

“All City, I can honestly say, means tradition to the Hearn family,” said 22-year-old Morgan Hearn.

Since 1994, the four Hearn siblings have been making a splash at the All-City Dive Meet.

“I guess I started it all, huh?” said 24-year-old Kiley Hearn, who began diving at age 7.

Her younger siblings Morgan, Sheridan and Frank all followed suit.

“I developed my true passion for it and it’s been a huge part of my life, and I love the risk factor of the team atmosphere and everything,” Morgan Hearn said.

Kiley and Morgan each won state diving titles at Edgewood. Morgan Hearn just finished up a college diving career at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and now both are back coaching — Kiley at Nakoma and Morgan at West Side Madison.

“It’s fun to stay involved and coaching and be on the other side of things after competing for so long,” Kiley said.

This is the last summer that 18-year-old Sheridan will compete in diving, but she is Morgan’s new assistant coach.


“It just seems timeless because it never changes. It’s still the same special experience every year, no matter how old you are,” said Sheridan.

Frank was born in 1997, three years after the Hearn family began its run.

“I guess they didn’t even know they would have another diver to put through all the ages,” the 14-year-old said.

The constant through this all has been the Hearns’ mother, Dawn, who hasn’t missed a practice or meet.

“There are so many wonderful families and young people involved — coaches and mentors. Lifelong friendships have been made. It’s been wonderful,” said Dawn.Kiley is moving to Chicago, so this will be the last summer all the Hearns are at All City, but for the last 18 years, it’s literally been all in the family.