Alcohol License Review Committee sends Visions’ liquor license decision to subcommittee

Alcohol License Review Committee sends Visions’ liquor license decision to subcommittee

A committee under the Madison Common Council has decided to wait to revoke the liquor license for Visions Night Club. It now goes to a subcommittee to determine the nightclub’s fate.

Visions has been a topic of conversation a number of times over the years, most recently for a stabbing and shooting outside the building late last year, sparking the Madison City Attorney’s Office to file a summons for the business to appear before the Alcohol License Review Committee Wednesday night to potentially revoke its liquor and 21-plus entertainment licenses.

#UPDATE ALRC decided to send this to a subcommittee made up of 3 of its members (Ald. Skidmore + 2 private citizens). They are still deciding a date to go over a 56-page complaint alleging Visions’ wrongdoings and decide if the strip club will keep its liquor license. #News3Now

— Amy Reid (@amyreidreports) August 22, 2019

An attorney with the City Attorney’s Office filed a 56-page complaint that says Visions was breaking a number of ordinances inside. It also said police were called to that area 50 times since 2012 for disturbances, and neighbors have been complaining to the city for years about what a problem Visions is for the community.

“This is crazy,” said Amanda Vallo, who lives near the nightclub. “There’s roaches on the floor, I’ve heard. It’s enough. It’s insane. I found the other day a lady in a truck passed out for about seven and a half hours. I thought she was dead. I was about to call the police, and then she finally got out of there.”

The former owner of the nightclub, Alfonse Reichenberger, said the spot has always been cause for controversy because it has adult entertainment. He said he faced the same issues when he first opened the business 41 years ago.

“Why do people want to close Visions?” he said at the committee meeting. “It’s been going on for 41 years. It’s not because of some of the reasons you have. The reason they want to close Visions is certain people do not like adult entertainment so they use other excuses to try and get rid of a nightclub.”

Visions’ lawyer told News 3 Now earlier this week the problems the complaint alleges stem from the Kwik Trip that is across the street.

The lawyer didn’t have anything further to add at the committee meeting.

The subcommittee, which will take the issue over from here, is made up of three board members for the committee, including Alder Paul Skidmore and two private citizens.

The group is still deciding on a date when it will go into further detail about the issues neighbors are having, and what that means for the future of Visions Night Club.

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