AkitaBox continues to foster growth in its third year in business

The company has grown from 30 to 80 employees
AkitaBox continues to foster growth in its third year in business
Kaia Calhoun
AkitaBox was the top-ranked medium business in Madison Magazine Best Places to Work 2018.

In one year, AkitaBox has grown from about 30 employees to 80.

“We are moving so quickly and with such passion as a company that the second that you get in the front door, you’re ready to impact change and bring solid results to the company,” says Elle Jacobson, the marketing manager.

The Madison-based company, which launched in 2015, creates a software program to help facility operations and planning managers organize building information.

For Scott Tillema, the director of engineering, the workplace culture attracted him to AkitaBox. Tillema says when it comes to hiring, the company strives to find people who not only possess technical skills, but also fit into the culture and have good personality traits.

AkitaBox CEO Todd Hoffmaster says investing in employees and being transparent in the process allows the company to grow.

“We try to foster a culture of continuous improvement, continuous learning, of helping each other be as successful as we possibly can,” Hoffmaster says.

As a way to help employees get to know each other, Human Resources Whizbang Clara Buenzow says the company operates in a three-part culture funnel: knowing, connecting and believing or trusting each other.

Since co-workers care about each other, says customer success manager Allison Mortens, AkitaBox provides a professional workplace and a great personal support system.

“It makes it a lot more enjoyable to come to work every day and to put in some extra time as necessary when you really love the people you work with,” Mortens says.