Airbnb offers daily dachshund rental

An Airbnb in southwest Michigan allows guests to bring their own dogs. But for travelers without a canine, they offer dachshund rentals, reports.

The Hotdog Hideway in Marcellus offers wiener dogs for $5 per day in their “Rent a Wiener” program. According to their Airbnb site, the fee can be waived “if you give the doggy a bath, brush his/her hair or take him/her for a walk.”

The home share listing says Joe and Kelly Landgraf are the hosts, and they are also the founders and board members of The Long Dog Retreat Dachshund Rescue. The couple currently own three dachshunds and foster seven to 10 more.

MLive reports, citing Airbnb listings, the Hotdog Hideaway is the only rental listed where you can add a dachshund to your vacation.

The cabin is located on Huyck Lake, off a dirt road, with a private beach about 30 miles southwest of Kalamazoo.

The owners say the dogs may have a potty accident, but are understanding as it’s a pet-friendly rental.

“These dogs need to feel special, loved and learn socialization skills,” the Airbnb posting says. “You get the benefit of hanging out with the coolest breed of dog ever!”