After Warning, Repeat Offender Sentenced To Prison

Man Was Warned By Police Special Investigations...

A repeat offender was sentenced to prison after prosecutors said he had a chance to turn his life around.

Emon Hollins was one of the first 10 repeat offenders monitored by the Madison Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit. The idea behind the unit was to put a close watch on a group of repeat offenders.

At a meeting on Nov. 8, Hollins was among the small group of repeat offenders that police met with. The police Special Investigations Unit laid out the consequences and strong sentences the offenders would face if they continued to commit crimes.

Police said that on Nov. 15, Hollins cut the cord to a TV belonging to the mother of his child.

It was that offense and threats to that woman that led to new charges against Hollins, police said.

On Monday, Hollins pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charges, which typically would have lower penalties, but because Hollins has an extensive criminal history, he was sentenced Monday to seven years in prison for the two offenses.

He will also serve six years of a previously revoked prison sentence for firing a gun into an occupied vehicle. The total sentence of 13 years in prison was handed down after Judge Stephen Ehlke said Hollins was offered many chances to get help and improve his life, including in his own courtroom.

“You made a choice not to listen to what I tried to impart on you at the sentencing. You made a choice not to listen the people on Nov. 8 at the (Special Investigations Unit) presentation,” Ehlke said.

Hollins pleaded with the court to let him serve just the six years for the prior case, giving him a chance to improve his life and still have a future when he is released.

“It goes back to what I said. First, I have to man up and accept responsibility for what I did, and what I did was wrong, and I totally understand that,” Hollins said.

Defense attorney Michael Schmidt criticized the county for failing to provide Hollins effective mental health treatment while he had been in jail for two years.

Hollins said he’d tried to get a psychiatric evaluation upon release, but couldn’t afford one.

The Special Investigations Unit was created with the goal of persuading repeat offenders to change their ways.

Editor’s note: This story as reported in April 2012 said Emon Hollins smashed a TV as part of the incident for which he was arrested. Court documents reviewed by News 3 in 2018 indicate Mr. Hollins cut the cord of the television set. None of the court documents that News 3 reviewed indicate it was smashed. Additionally, the initial 7 year prison sentence reported was not solely on the misdemeanor case, but in fact included two cases, including felony threat to injure and misdemeanor bail jumping. Mr. Hollins, who is incarcerated, continues to state that he has been targeted and treated unfairly by the Madison Police Department Special Investigations Unit and the Court.