After near decapitation in trying to seek shelter from cold, Henry the kitty needs your help

After near decapitation in trying to seek shelter from cold, Henry the kitty needs your help

In Henry the kitty’s attempt to seek warmth and shelter under the hood of a car, Henry suffered major injuries to his head after the car was started.

The Sauk County Humane Society found Henry under the hood of a car entangled in the engine. They took him to the Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center in Middleton for treatment.

The Humane Society had originally posted on Facebook asking for donations so Henry could get surgery for his injuries that would cost $2,500, but the veterinarians decided Henry couldn’t wait much longer.

“It’s really hard thinking about what he was going through. It’s really hard,” said Associate Veterinarian Dr. Alicia Sibley.

A chunk of Henry’s skull is completely gone, he’s at risk for meningitis, and had a buildup of grease and chemicals embedded in his fur. The surgery involved cutting off both ears and stitching up the salvageable skin.

Henry has 20 visible stitches on his head and about 14 beneath the skin.

After near decapitation in trying to seek shelter from cold, Henry the kitty needs your help

Vets say they think his injuries may have been days old by the time they found him. They’re thankful he’s being taken cared for now, but say they want to use Henry’s heartbreaking case to share a greater message.

“Cats, although they love exploring, there’s so many enrichment things you can do in your home for them and there are even outdoor porch situations where they can still enjoy being outside but be safe. Clearly, the Wisconsin winter is not a time for a cat to be outside,” Sibley said.

Henry doesn’t have a microchip and there are no lost animal reports that match with him. Vets believe he belonged to someone at some point, but was on his own for a while considering how underweight he is.

Henry has a long road to recovery, but vets say, despite everything he’s been through, he’s eating on his own and even purring throughout the day.

“Those are things that tell us he wants to make it,” Sibley said.

The surgery ended up costing around $3,000. Sauk County Humane Society said they need help through donations to cover the cost of Henry’s surgery.

To donate, visit, select Donate Now, and follow the instructions. To donate specifically to Henry, type “Henry” in the “other” category. If the Humane Society receives more money than the $2,500 needed for Henry’s surgery, the rest of the funds will go toward caring for other animals at the shelter who need help.

This poor kitty was nearly decapitated trying to seek shelter from the cold under the hood of a car. Henry now needs surgery to remove his right ear, and a chunk of his skull is completely gone. To help cover Henry’s surgery, visit, and click “Donate Now”.

— Jamie Perez (@JamiePerezTV) February 28, 2019

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