After blistering winter and late spring snows, apple orchards say crops have persevered

Lori Jenson, owner of Apple Hut in Beloit, said a late spring snow was not enough to deter this year’s crop.

However, Jenson said she remembers the moment when the entire year’s results hung in the balance.

“April 27. I remember the day clearly,” she said. “We had 4 inches of snow. We were about a week and a half shy of full bloom.”

Jenson said in the moment, she didn’t know if the apples would survive.

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The telltale sign of fall in Wisconsin.
But with colder springs and warmer falls, how are growers doing?

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“I cried,” she said. “The fear of frost while you’re in bloom, it’ll wipe out the whole crop.”

However, Jenson said her trees persevered. Now, they’re in full bloom.

“You rely on cold nights, warm days and having all the right weather,” she said.

In 2018, some of Jenson’s apple trees fell victim to the late frost. In the 40 years her family has owned the farm, she’s noticed wide-scale changes in weather patterns.

“We’ve had such warm falls, and I don’t know what that means long-term.” she said. “Is it going to stay that way? Or is it going to go back to the old days?
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