After 651 days, fans make triumphant return to Camp Randall

MADISON, Wis. – For the first time since 2019, fans were allowed back to Camp Randall to cheer on the Wisconsin Badgers.

While there were a number of changes to the fan experience, more than 75,000 came out to support the team.

It’s great to be back. It’s beautiful to be back,” said UW-Madison alum Dylan Egan. “Look at this environment. It’s incredible.”

Despite the early start, fans came out to tailgate and celebrate well before kickoff. 

“It’s emotionally invigorating,” said Ken Werner. “ It’s the culmination of months of quarantine, finally being able to get out and visit old friends again. A lot of these people who came here to tailgate, I haven’t seen them for 18-24 months.”

Werner, who was attending his 516th Badger game, said it’d been a challenge to miss out on the in-person experience. 

“(It’s great) just being able to sit next to somebody who’s a fan, and my wife on the other side, knowing we’ve got a top program,” he said. “We’re going to compete every game, I think we’re going to win today.”

The feeling of excitement was even shared by fans of the other team, Penn State.

It’s so great,” said Penn State alumn Ashley Weinheimer. “I feel like the energy is even bigger because a lot of people missed last year. I think all of our teams are traveling really well this year and I’m super excited.”