After 3 deployments, family spends 1st Christmas together

Father, husband called to duty at wedding reception
After 3 deployments, family spends 1st Christmas together

One family in Black River Falls is celebrating their first Christmas together after three deployments overseas.

Sgt. Tyler Tidgwell finished his third trip overseas in August and is spending Christmas with his wife, Kelly, and his 4-year-old daughter.             

The couple has been married a little over a year but they have yet to spend Christmas together. Tyler Tidgwell was called to duty right after they said “I do.”

“We got married right before I got the phone call I was leaving,” Tidgwell said.

“He got the phone call of his deployment the night of the wedding reception,”  Kelly Tidgwell said.

Tyler Tidgwell said missing holidays and birthdays comes with the job. His daughter was born while he was overseas on his second deployment in 2010. It doesn’t get easier, but he said the last deployment was probably the hardest.

“This is the first time I actually had to leave and say goodbye to my brand new wife and my daughter,” he said. “This time was probably the hardest for me.”

“It was extremely difficult. My Christmas last year consisted of a phone call with incoming and so it was basically a hang up the phone and say, “OK Honey, I got to go,” Kelly Tidgwell said.

Tyler Tidgwell is now in the reserves. They don’t have any family traditions set up right now but they are hoping to make him being home for holidays one of them.