African-American leaders hold legal forum after Robinson shooting

PHOTOS: City responds to charging decision in Tony Robinson shooting

In the wake of the Tony Robinson officer-involved shooting, Madison’s African-American Council of Churches will be holding a series of forums to help community members understand the way the law works.

Leading up to District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s decision whether or not to charge officer Matt Kenny, leaders said they want the community to have an intelligent conversation and be informed about laws already on the books.

Lawyers on hand told the audience the law requires Ozanne to decide whether Kenny shooting Robinson was objectionably reasonable. That essentially means that another officer on the scene would have reacted in the same way Kenny did if that officer were acting as a reasonable police officer.

Another forum is planned for Friday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Faith Place Church in Sun Prairie.

Leaders are also in the process of planning a youth forum.

Ozanne told News 3 Thursday there is no timeline for his indictment decision.