Aerotek integrates employees’ future goals into the work environment

'Why Wall' showcases employees' meaningful goals
Aerotek integrates employees’ future goals into the work environment
Kaia Calhoun
Aerotek was the top-ranked small business in Madison Magazine Best Places to Work 2018.

As you enter Aerotek’s office and look to the left, there is a space covered with pictures of employees with parents, significant others, children and dogs, and there’s even a Buzz Lightyear meme that says, “Dad Jokes, Dad Jokes Everywhere.”

At Aerotek, a recruiting and staffing agency with locations across the U.S., people know what motivates their fellow co-workers because of the “Why Wall,” Bill Holland, director of operations, says.

The Why Wall is part of Aerotek’s dream managers concept, which was created to help connect what the company does every day to individual employees’ goals in the future. Holland says each employee is a dream manager and is tasked with helping co-workers reach their goals through working at Aerotek. Dream managers interact with employees daily, but once a week they meet to support them in achieving their dreams.

“I think once someone knows about how much you care about them as a human being, as a person, they’ll run through walls for your company, for you as a manager, for you as a team because they enjoy it and they know you care,” Holland says.

For Eric Saari, a practice lead who has worked for Aerotek for 11 years, the Why Wall keeps him motivated through good times and bad. His picture, the Buzz Lightyear meme, represents his biggest goal in life – becoming a dad.

“I’m not there yet, but [I’m working] to provide for a family,” Saari says. “Having the opportunity to do that with a great company like Aerotek is what pushes me every day.”

Elli Boschuetz, an account manager who has been with the company for five years, says the Why Wall lets others see another side of you, not just the work side. She says people shouldn’t have to be someone different inside and outside of work –they should be able to be their full self at all times. Through the Why Wall, Aerotek breaks down that barrier.

“Knowing that stuff about someone, it means the world because that is their world,” Boschuetz says.