Aerosol can of dry shampoo explodes in car

Aerosol can of dry shampoo explodes in car
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A Missouri mother is warning people not to leave aerosol cans in hot cars after a dry shampoo can exploded in her daughter’s car.

The blast damaged the sunroof, the console and left broken glass everywhere.

Christine Debreckt, the mother of the car’s owner, said that when she and her husband first saw the damage, they couldn’t figure out what had happened.

“We thought (something) fell from the sky or something like that,” she said. “It looked like a tornado hit the inside of the car.”

But then they realized the white residue inside was dry shampoo and they found the bottle, missing its bottom piece, 50 feet away.

“If that had happened when she (had) gotten in the car after work or (had) gotten in the car to go somewhere, the glass itself would have been devastating,” Debreckt said.

Debreckt’s daughter had just bought the car three months ago and had used her own money to pay the down payment.

“She looked hard for a car she wanted and could afford,” Debreckt said. “She was so thrilled about it, and she’s just heartbroken.”

But Debreckt said she’s just relieved her 19-year-old was not hurt, and she wants others to be aware of what can happen if such a product is left in a hot car.