Acura RDX Cruises to Milwaukee

Acura RDX Cruises to Milwaukee

The Acura engineers outdid themselves. They took a fine 2012 Acura crossover SUV-RDX, tweaked and tuned it, put it in a sleek classic package and delivered a vehicle that hits all the sweet appointed, responsive, fun to drive. 

And they nailed it. 

Our test-drive weekend had us headed for Milwaukee. We know some of those streets “need human error. Ours. After a briefing at Zimbrick Middleton, we decided to cruise through the flawlessly, turn-by-turn. Concert-quality Mozart played on the 410-watt ELS Premium Sound Avenue. Thanks to Acura engineers, we had the new suspension system which saved this elegant coach from being shaken into pieces. The Amplitude Reactive Damper system smoothed out most spine-bending bumps into hardly noticeable jiggles. We smiled. Bring on Milwaukee!

We started the weekend with a visit to the vibrant Brady Street area. On a friend’s tip we stopped at Zaffiro’s and ordered the award winning, extra-crispy cracker-thin-crust pizza (excellent!) along with their plentiful Zaffiro’s salad. This family operation, more than 50 years old, serves until midnight so if you arrive late, no worries 

by a Marquette University alum under layers Ambassador preserves the best of Art Deco work and gleaming nickel sconces. Spacious rooms offer all the modern comforts, feather Caffé Deco serves Starbucks and The Envoy Wisconsin specials to alumni. Downtown Milwaukee is a short drive east. 

museums and tours. This trip was meant for


Driving around Milwaukee, you appreciate creative . 

Mitchell is delighted to show you the work

Heading back to museums, it was time to see the Calatrava. The iconic Milwaukee Art Museum building earns as much attention as its contents. The wings open daily at 10 a.m., flap at noon and close as the museum closes each day. Inside take a Naughty Bits tour or the You Think You’re Having a Bad Day route. Ask at the front desk for a guide.

has an easygoing, Rat Pack, retro nightclub for prime rib, though it also serves excellent

Visit Jewish Museum Milwaukee, telling the story of Milwaukee’s Jewish community

As we discovered on the way home, we’d be doing the RDX a disservice if we just kept it in town. This crossover has some strong sport sedan DNA. It loves darting around back roads. Push the pedal down and 273 horses want to run and AWD grips corners like the Hulk. Acura engineers know there’s a little Andretti, Kenseth or Patrick in all of us. They got it right. 

– By Gary and Mae Patrice Knowles

Gary and MaePatrice Knowles live in Madison where he is a freelance writer and marketing consultant to clients in travel, food, hospitality and entertainment and she is a public relations and communications consultant.

Ambassador Hotel and Envoy Restaurant

2308 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee

(414) 345-5000

Charles Allis Art Museum

1801 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee

(414) 278-8295

Jewish Museum

1360 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee 

(414) 390-5730

Lakefront Brewery

1872 N. Commerce St., Milwaukee

(414) 372-8800

Mitchell Leather Factory & Store 

226 N. Water St., Milwaukee

(414) 272-5942

Milwaukee Art Museum

700 N. Art Museum Dr., Milwaukee

(414) 224-3200

Milwaukee Museum Mile

North Point Lighthouse

2650 N. Wahl Ave., Milwaukee

(414) 332-6754

Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum

2220 N. Terrace Ave., Milwaukee

(414) 271-3656

Visit Milwaukee

(800) 231-0903

Ward’s House of Prime

540 E. Mason St., Milwaukee

(414) 223-0135

Wisconsin Museum of Art

at St. John’s on the Lake

1840 N. Prospect Ave., Milwaukee

(414) 831-7300

Zaffiro’s Pizza & Bar

1724 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee

(414) 289-8776