Accused attacker of 2 Madison women in 1 week held on $50k bail

The man accused of the attempted abduction and assaults of two Madison women is being held on a $50,000 cash bail, as well as on a federal probationary hold because of his prior record of possession of child pornography.

Charges against Coleman K. Chung , 30, of Monona, were filed Monday. He faces five counts in connection with two attacks just days apart. In 2016, Chung was charged with possession of child pornography and was originally sentenced to five years of probation, according to court documents.

Accused attacker of 2 Madison women in 1 week held on $50k bail

The state originally asked for a $5,000 cash bail, but the court commissioner felt $50,000 was more fitting to the crime and prior charges.

Hair believed to be from one of the women the Monona man attacked was found in a bag in his bedroom next to pornography, condoms and lubricant, according to a document filed in Dane County court Monday.

According to a complaint filed in Dane County court Monday, Chung attacked a woman in a downtown Madison area on Sept. 29, grabbing her from behind and attempting to steal her purse, causing injuries. About a mile west of the attack, three days later, another woman was attacked in the early morning hours as she was walking in the early morning hours. The attacker grabbed her in a rear choke hold, duct taped her hands and tried to put her in his trunk, according to police. The two struggled and the woman was able to get away, police said.

Accused attacker of 2 Madison women in 1 week held on $50k bail

Chung’s probation officer identified him from Oct. 2 surveillance video from the UW parking lot where the car was seen, officials said.

Eight days after the second attack, investigators searched Chung’s home and car. Officers found a roll of duct tape inside the green Honda, according to the complaint. In Chung’s bedroom, investigators found a pair of tan pants with blood stains and a pair of black cargo pants with clear rubber gloves in the back pocket. A kitchen knife was used in one of the attacks, and police said they found a set of house knives in a wooden block with one knife missing. Disposable surgical masks were found in various areas of the house, along with rolls of duct tape.

The complaint said a clear plastic baggie was found in a drawer in Chung’s bedroom that contained dark pieces of hair next to condoms, lubrication and porn. The hair was consistent with the color of the alleged victim’s hair, which was cut during the attack, police said.

Chung is facing four felony counts, including attempted robbery with use of force, attempted kidnapping, first-degree reckless injury with use of a dangerous weapon and armed robbery. He’s also facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

Accused attacker of 2 Madison women in 1 week held on $50k bail