As abortion debate gathers national notice, both sides rally at Wisconsin State Capitol

MADISON, Wis. –  As the United States looks towards an uncertain future when it comes to reproductive rights and laws surrounding abortions, both sides of the debate had a chance to rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol Saturday.

On a day where hundreds of cities marched for continued access to abortion, thousands marched the length of State Street in a ‘Bans off our Bodies’ event.

It’s about abortion justice,” said Linda Kessell of Indivisible Madison. “Abortion is still legal today, but they’re creating more and more barriers to people being able to get it.”

A number of groups joined forces to put on the event.

There needs to be a focus on reproductive justice,” said Tarah Stangler. “Reproductive justice is more than the access to abortion. It’s the right to raise babies in places that we feel are safe. It’s the right to exist in places we feel are safe. It’s the right to having equal access to good sex education and to contraceptives and everything that’s been denied to us.”

Just hours earlier, pro-life advocates came from every corner of Wisconsin to hold the first ever ‘March for Life Wisconsin’ on the capitol steps.

It’s really a celebration of life and a demand for the end to abortion,” said Anna Demeuse of Pro Life Wisconsin. “We believe in the beauty of human dignity and the preciousness of every human life. We know with every abortion, there’s destruction of human life.”

While Demeuse says the group is aware of discussions being heard by the Supreme Court, she says Saturday’s event was primarily focused on spreading a message of positivity.

I’m hoping that people will come together and be unified and know there are pro-life voices out here that really want to see an end to abortion and uphold the dignity of the human person,” she said.