Abandoning The Pledge

"Fiscal cliff" prompts common sense.
Abandoning The Pledge



We find it interesting that the looming “fiscal cliff” is looking like the straw that breaks the camel’s back as far as elected officials making pledges they can’t –and shouldn’t – keep. There appears to be a growing number of Republican lawmakers who are interested in preventing this country from being thrown back into recession and if it means abandoning the “no tax increase” pledge they made, so be it. This may be the end of Grover Norquist as a person of political influence, but it’s the start of something good for this nation.

Next we’d like to see Democrats back off pledges to increase spending, and politicians on both sides move away from, say, gay marriage pledges. Imagine how that would free up a lot of people to rely on common sense and a desire to respond to their constituents – in other words, real people – rather than just the few who pour money into their election campaigns. It’s clearly too early to celebrate. But even smalls signs of courage are welcome right now.