Aaron Rodgers gets date devoted to him

Packers begin life without Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has received a lot of honors lately, but it hardly prepared him for what he received Wednesday.

Rodgers found out about his official notification of Aaron Rodgers day in Wisconsin on December 12th.. That, of course is 12-12-12 on the calendar.

It all started with a fan named Jennifer Brilowski, who started a Facebook page to get “Aaron Rodgers Day” going.
Rodgers said even his hometown of Chico, Calif. couldn’t top this.

“It was a wooden board that said “home of Aaron Rodgers– now, it recently got taken down– stolen– but no, nothing like this ever,” said Rodgers.

December 12th is a Wednesday, so it’ll probably be full pads and practice because the Packers play the Bears that Sunday in Chicago.