AAA: Nearly 1 million Wisconsinites could travel this Thanksgiving

89.3 percent: The percentage of Thanksgiving travelers who will drive to their destinations.

MADISON, Wis. After the pandemic forced most people to stay home for the holidays last year, holiday travel is expected to rebound to near pre-pandemic levels this year.

According to report released Tuesday from AAA, nearly 1 million Wisconsinites are expected to join the anticipated 53.4 million Americans traveling for Thanksgiving.

It’s a 13% increase, both in Wisconsin and nationally, but travel experts say its still short of the amount of people traveling before the coronavirus pandemic brought travel to a near halt.

The rebound stops about 5% short of pre-pandemic levels nationally and about 8% short in Wisconsin.

However, it’s still expected to be a hectic time for those taking planes, trains and automobiles to see family this year.

AAA expects 9540,00 people from Wisconsin to travel by car this Thanksgiving and about 95,000 to travel by plane.

Nearly 21,000 will travel by bus, train or decide to sail away on a late fall cruise.

Drivers can expect gas prices to be much higher than they were last year.

The average price of a gallon of gas on Monday was $3.15. Last Thanksgiving, the state average was just under $2.