A walk in her honor: Victim of murder-suicide in Sun Prairie remembered, one year later

MADISON, Wis. — A journey of about 90 miles will commemorate the life and legacy of Jan (Hogoboom) Hyatt, killed last year in what police are investigating as a domestic violence murder-suicide in Sun Prairie.

The father of her daughter, Samantha, and her estranged husband at the time set out on Monday on a journey from the Baldwin Street Grille in Madison to their family farm in Richland County.

“She worked down the street, she lived down the road. Just part of the family, part of the neighborhood,” Baldwin Street Grille owner Ryan Schultz said. “She’s definitely one of the most authentic and genuine and caring people that we had.”

Andrew Hyatt’s journey begins at that bar because it was where he and Jan first met; the farm he’s traveling to was where he says their family spent several happy vacations. The goal: to raise money for Samantha as well as other domestic violence victims, and to give his daughter a memory of her mother she won’t soon forget.

“Years from now I hope she can look back at this and just know that her mom really mattered and she made a big difference in the lives of all these people,” Hyatt said. “Jan sacrificed a bunch for our daughter, raising her for the first four years of her life, and the only way I can at this point repay her and to say thank you is drawing attention to her and the work of art she created in our daughter.”

It would have been Jan’s 39th birthday on Monday. Instead, a candle was lit in her honor at the barstool where a plaque now bears her name. After the years Schultz knew Jan when she lived and worked in the E. Washington Avenue neighborhood, he said it’s hard now not to picture her coming through the door of the event held in her honor.

Andrew’s walk will stretch about 90 miles and last several days.