A UW-Madison junior predicted the Bucks and Suns would meet in the 2021 NBA Finals… in 2016

MADISON, Wis. — A University of Wisconsin-Madison junior went viral on Twitter on Sunday after a tweet of his from 2016 blew up.

Back on Nov. 3, 2016, Jarrett Plahmer took to his Twitter account and wrote that the Bucks and Suns will square off in the 2021 NBA Finals, with Milwaukee taking Game 7, 123-115.

Nearly five years later, the UW-Madison junior’s vision came true, with the two teams set to square off in the championship round beginning Tuesday night in Phoenix.

“It’s real,” Plahmer told News 3 Now on Sunday night. “There was a tweet by some Cubs fan in 2016 [from five years earlier] saying in Game 7 the Cubs will beat the Indians [in the World Series]. So 15-year-old me was sitting there like, ‘What can I predict in five years?’ and this is what I came up with.”

Plahmer, who has fewer than 120 tweets to his account, said his favorite team is the Bucks, and his second-favorite is the Suns, but any analyst making such a prediction in 2016 would have been laughed off the set.

The Suns were coming off a last-place finish in the Western Conference, with a 24-58 record. The Bucks were 42-40 as Giannis was in the process of becoming a two-time MVP.

So what’s his prediction for the series now that it’s here?

“As a fan I hope Bucks in four [games],” Plahmer said. “For the Twitter post, I hope Bucks in seven. But if I have to predict, Bucks in six.”