A to Z: Madison’s Local Food Guide

Here's the full A to Z list of what helps...
A to Z: Madison’s Local Food Guide

By Andrea Behling, Kathy Brozyna, Otehlia Cassidy, Dan Curd, Emily Hegland and Katie Vaughn

Let’s talk about our local food scene for a second.

A: We’re a bit spoiled with the crop of talented producers in our area. B: The sheer number of diverse and interesting dining and drink options in this city and surrounding area is enough to make your head spin. And C: Well … you know what’s easier? Giving you a full A to Z list of what helps define–and call out what we love about–the Madison food scene. Yeah, that’s easier.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, even.

A is for Aioli

Brinner is the New Brunch

C is for Cookbooks

D is for Do-gooders

E is for Essentials

Fries v. Frites

G is for Grab ‘n’ Go

H is for How do you say ______?

I is for IPAs

Enhancing the menu with Jams

K is for Kimichi

L is for Leftovers

M is for Mocktails

N is for Networking

O is for Old-School Italian

P is for Poutine

Q is for Queen Bees

R is for Relationships

S is for Suburban Suds

T is for Tat Match

U is for Uplands Cheese

V is for Vinegar

W is for ‘Wich Wars

X marks the spot

You can do it

Z is for Zen Spots