A tale of two cities: Lanes of Raymond Road in Fitchburg not to be fixed until 2020

A tale of two cities: Lanes of Raymond Road in Fitchburg not to be fixed until 2020

People living along Raymond Road near the Verona Road intersection will have to wait until 2020 to see the eastbound lanes of the road repaired from this winter, while westbound lanes have already been fixed.

Westbound lanes are managed by the city of Madison, and eastbound lanes are managed by both Madison and Fitchburg.

William Balke, the senior transportation engineer for the city of Fitchburg, said the city ran out of money to do further repairs on that stretch of road after spending to fill potholes around the city.

Yep, same road. WB Raymond Rd(⬅️)recovered well after winter, EB(➡️)has… not. EB is managed by Fitchburg AND Madison (WB=only Mad). Fitch said they don’t have enough $ to repair it more – they have to spread the wealth to all the OTHER damaged roads in the city. #News3Now pic.twitter.com/Dr1OGIgg4C

— Amy Reid (@amyreidreports) May 8, 2019

“There (are) places all over the city, Fitchrona Road, Whalen Road, there’s a lot of roads that just kind of fell apart with the winter that we had,” Balke said.

He said because of the damage on that piece, the city has moved projects around to start resurfacing in 2020.

“We had planned on doing the road in 2021, actually 2022,” he said. “But because of the conditions of the road this winter, it just accelerated everything, and we’re looking to move that up.”

People who live near Raymond Road said the difference between the two directions is obvious. Sheeso Moua said he drives it every day.

“I cross the other side, it’s nice and smooth,” he said. “And as soon as you cross to my side of the border, it’s rough coming back home.”

He said he was hoping the city would come and fully repair the road before next year, given how much damage it has and how much more it might get.

“That’s going to get worse, I know it,” Moua said. “We have more rain coming. We have more heat coming.”

Between now and then, Balke said the city will keep an eye on it, and if the weather stays nice, workers will be able to use a hot mix to fix the potholes, which usually works better than the cold mix crews have to use during early spring.

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