A Sol Food Discovery

A Sol Food Discovery
Eun Sol Yu and her father Young An Yu; Dolsot Bibimbap.

Kimchi may not be the most common kind of soul food, but that could change if Eun Sol Yu has anything to say about it. The soft-spoken thirty-year-old has been serving that popular pickled cabbage dish at Sol’s on the Square, the Korean restaurant that opened last September just off the Capitol Square.

Yu works with her father, Young An Yu, the restaurant’s chef. Their family runs an eatery in Korea and Yu most recently lived in Chicago. But visits to her younger brother attending UW–Madison opened her eyes to moving and operating a restaurant a bit farther north. Now she’s enjoying being here. “We have a lot of regular customers,” she says. “They are my friends.”

Order the dolsot bibimbap. It’s the most popular rice dish, made of vegetables and beef and topped with a fried egg and spicy red pepper paste. Here’s a tip: Let the rice get crunchy on the bottom of the stone bowl for a bonus crispy treat by meal’s end.

On Thursdays, the restaurant serves up Korean tacos with two kinds of meat—braised beef and spicy chicken.

But whenever you go, make sure you come hungry. In the Korean tradition, your meal comes with free appetizers known as banchan—typically, they’re kimchi or fishcakes. Either way, you’ll walk out more than satisfied, just as Yu intends.

“Madison is a nice city,” she says. “A lot of people have helped out, so they just try to make this better.”

117 E. Mifflin St., 251-0116