A school zone crackdown: Police in Beloit stop more than two dozen drivers breaking the law

BELOIT, Wis – Officers in Beloit say they’re cracking down negligent drivers in one school zone area.

Sgt. Matt Donovan says the department has received complaints about drivers on Cranston Road, near Robinson Elementary School.

“We’ve got people going well over the posted school zone of 15 miles per hour,” Donovan said.  “(But also) reckless driving, people not paying attention to what’s going on or just careless driving.”

Donovan said the area in front of the school is a place for children, parents and teachers to cross.

On Wednesday morning, officers stopped more than two dozen people for violations.

“It’s not worth the safety of the children, the teachers or parents in their cars on the road,” he said.

Donovan says this enforcement area is part of an attempt to crack down on speeding and other violations throughout the city.

And while some might try to offer an excuse for their speeding, Donovan said the department isn’t interested in listening.

“Is that excuse going to be good if you hit somebody?” he said.  “How is that going to play out to the parent of that child?”