A Safer America

This is the time to talk.
A Safer America




There has not been a better time in recent history to have a reasoned, thoughtful deliberative dialogue about violence in America, than right now. The Newtown tragedy has simply caused a tear in the heart of this country that will only be repaired by a new way of doing things and of looking at the world we live in.

And because so many caring people are so ready to work honestly and collaboratively we can put on the table such sensitive issues as gun control, mental illness, media and entertainment, privacy and others and expect we will listen to each other, withhold judgment and prejudices and act in the best interests of the citizens of this country. And that includes people who responsibly own weapons and advocates for the rights of people with mental illness and defenders of freedom of speech. This is our opportunity to take actions that are compassionate, responsible and smart. This is our chance to re-define who we are. This is our chance to get better.