A Question and Answers Become Outdoor Art

A Question and Answers Become Outdoor Art

“Where are you going?”

It’s a simple question, but one that yields limitless responses.

It’s also the basis of a month-long interactive art installation, Where Are You Going?, that encourages passersby to respond using sidewalk chalk. Local artists Erika Monroe-Kane and Ellen Carlson set out the question along sidewalks, bike paths, waterways and roads at Yahara Place, Warner, Olbrich, Tenney and Brittingham parks, plus the SW Commuter Bike Path.

“We wanted a question that’s easy to answer and allows for individual reflection but connections, too,” says Monroe-Kane. “It’s personal explorations and the community coming together.”

Indeed, the answers—which Monroe-Kane and Carlson chronicle on the project’s website as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr—are diverse. Some are straightforward (“Morning jog”) and destination-driven (“To Jim’s for chicken”), while others are more philosophical (“Wherever I am led”) and goal-focused (“To make peace”).

This mix of responses, and the combination of personal reflection and community building, is exactly what Monroe-Kane and Carlson had hoped for while planning the project over the past two years.

Visitors have returned to offer additional responses or to check out what others have written, especially after rainstorms have washed answers away.

“People are really having fun with it and responding to it,” Monroe-Kane says.

Where Are You Going runs through the end of June. Find details, including a map of project sites, at whereryougoing.org.