A New Recovery Facility Opens in Madison

5 Door Recovery addresses mental health and addiction
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Since 1973, Catholic Charities has been a resource for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Located in the Madison area, the nonprofit organization has served hundreds of clients for nearly 50 years, and this spring it opened a new facility at 810 Olin Ave. — the former site of Chris Farley House.

5 Door Recovery is an organization that understands addiction and mental health to be one and the same. The experienced staff has designed a program intended to help clients realize and address their complex needs.

With this in mind, the new 20-bed facility offers holistic programming, including art therapy, pet-assisted therapy and trauma-sensitive yoga. Counselors use evidence-based practices to support clients in every aspect of their journey to healing while also providing them with the tools they need to take ownership of their recovery.

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, 5 Door wants people to be aware of the impact of mental illness on the lives of those it affects. The co-occurrence of a mental health disorder with a substance use disorder is considered the norm rather than the exception, counselor Mary Curtin said. With the new facility, 5 Door hopes to provide a safe space for people to begin the work of addressing their mental health along with their addictions.

“Addiction is often merely a symptom of an underlying issue,” Curtin said, “It’s important to begin addressing the root of the problem.”

People with addiction tend to face additional struggles along with mental health issues. This often prevents them from accessing resources and treatment. As a nonprofit organization, 5 Door Recovery aims to offer change, compassion, courage, health and hope to anyone seeking treatment.

“In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we at Catholic Charities hope to continue to promote awareness, reduce stigma and improve people’s lives by providing accessible and affordable treatment,” said Curtin.