A look at Forward Madison FC’s inaugural roster and schedule

First home game is Saturday, April 27

Get your banners, flags and plastic flamingos ready to cheer on Forward Madison FC, the city’s first soccer team, as it plays its inaugural home-opener on April 27 at Breese Stevens Field. The team’s 24-man roster draws talent and experience from all over the globe, including Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Panama, but there are also a few Wisconsin natives and other players from the region.

Don’t forget a Forward Madison banner to wave amongst your fellow soccer supporters. Madison’s favorite bird, the pink flamingo, sits center stage on the teams logo and in case you missed it, Madison Magazine highlighted eight things you might not know about Forward Madison’s famous logo. Click here to find out what the colors, numbers and sun rays represent.

Scroll through the photo gallery above to learn more about each player. See below for the full schedule and roster.

April 27. Home. 7 p.m. Greenville Triumph, South Carolina.
May 4. Home. 7 p.m. Toronto FC II
May 7. Away. 7:30 p.m. Bavarian Soccer Club – US Open Cup.
May 11. Away. 6 p.m. Chattanooga Red Wolves
May 18. Away 6 p.m. South Georgia Tormenta FC
May 22. Away. 7 p.m. North Texas SC
May 24. Home. 7 p.m. Hertha Berlin
June 1. Home. 7 p.m. Lansing Ignite
June 5. Away. 7:30 p.m. Green Bay Voyageurs
June 7. Away. 6:30 p.m. Orlando City B
June 15. Home. 7 p.m. FC Tucson
June 22. Home. 7 p.m. North Texas SC
June 25. Home. 7 p.m. Minnesota United FC
June 28. Away. 3 p.m. Toronto FC II
July 6. Away. 7 p.m. South Georgia Tormenta FC
July 9. Away. 6 p.m. Lansing Ignite.
July 13. Home. 7 p.m. Chattanooga Red Wolves SC
July 16. Home. 7 p.m. Queretaro Futbol Club
July 27. Home. 7 p.m. Orlando City B
July 31. Away. 3 p.m. Toronto FC II
Aug. 3. Home. 7 p.m. FC Tucson.
Aug. 10. Home. 7 p.m. Richmond Kickers.
Aug. 17. Away. 6 p.m. Greenville Triumph SC
Aug. 24. Home. 7 p.m. Richmond Kickers
Aug. 28. Home. 7 p.m. Greenville Triumph SC
Sep. 7. Home 7 p.m. South Georgia Tormenta.
Sep. 14. Away. 6 p.m. Richmond Kickers.
Sep. 22. Home. 4 p.m. North Texas SC
Sept. 27. Away. 9:30 p.m. FC Tucson
Oct. 5. Away. 6 p.m. Lansing Ignite.

Jiro Barriga Toyama. Defender. No. 77. Chiba, Japan
Ryan Coulter. Goalkeeper. No. 1. Dublin Ireland
Christian “Pato” Díaz. Defender. No. 27. Guadalajara, Mexico and California
Vital Nizigiyimana. Midfielder. No. 19. Atlanta, Georgia
Brandon Barnes. Goalkeeper. No. 33. Cary, Illinois
Brian Sylvestre. Goalkeeper. No. 92. Hollywood, Florida
Dayne St. Clair. Goalkeeper. No. 97. Pickering, Ontario
Carter Manley, Defender. No. 2. Elkridge, Massachusetts
Connor Tobin, defender, No. 13, Fort Collins, Colorado
Shaun Russell, defender, No. 15, Chesapeake, Virginia
Wyatt Omsberg, defender, No. 22, Belgrade, Maine
Carl Schneider, defender, No. 23, Madison, Wisconisn
Eric Leonard, midfielders, No. 3, Palatine, Illinois
Brandon Eaton, midfielder, No. 6, Chesapeake, Virginia
Don Smart, midfielder, No. 7, Kingston, Jamaica
Jeff Michaud, midfielder, No. 8, West Palm Beach, Florida
Danny Tenorio, midfielder, No. 10, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Ally Hami Ng’Anzi, midfielder, No. 12, Tanzania
Josiel Nuñez, midfielder,No. 70, Panama City, Panama
Mason Toye, forward, No. 9, South Orange, New Jersey
Paulo Júnior, forward, No. 11, Teresina, Brazil
Brian Bement, forward, No. 14, Waterloo, Illinois
Zaire Bartley, forward, No. 17, New York, Ne York
J.C Banks, forward, No. 29, Milwaukee, Wisconsin