‘A little disappointed, maybe a little cheated’: Badger fans in Wisconsin feel Rose Bowl loss

MADISON, Wis. – After a heartbreaking loss to the Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl, Badger fans in Wisconsin are looking ahead to the next season, but first, they’re feeling the disappointment.

“(I’m) not happy,” Badger fan Robert Hill said “Oregon beat us in the Rose Bowl several years ago. We lost three in a row. It’s been since 2000 since we won one. Not a good start to the year.”

He was one in a crowd of high-energy fans cheering on their team at Lucky’s 1313 on Regent Street. The energy was high in the bar up until the end, when fans watched the Badgers fall to the Ducks by one point.

“(I’m) a little disappointed, maybe a little cheated,” longtime fan Chuck Polenz said. “That last call was pretty tough, but they gave it their best. Sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way, right?”

Polenz said he thought the Badgers outplayed the Ducks, except when it came to turnovers, but he and other fans were happy to see their team just make it to the Rose Bowl this season.

“Happy New Year,” Polenz said. “Go Badgers in 2020.”