‘A little beer doing big things’: Madison-brewed beer raises thousands for Rape Crisis Center

‘A little beer doing big things’: Madison-brewed beer raises thousands for Rape Crisis Center

Thousands of extra dollars are going to the Rape Crisis Center in Madison, and it’s because of a specially-crafted beer.

“It’s a little beer doing big things,” Giant Jones Brewing Company owner Jessica Jones said.

Jones believes in the power of beer.

“What I really love is the way it creates quick community,” she said. “I have a very unbalanced fascination with beer. I love brewing it.”

She also believes in pouring herself into her passion to tip the scales in favor of social justice.

“To me, everything’s integrated at some level,” Jones said. “Our lives flow together in some sort of way.”

Jones and her partner crafted one beer, in particular, to balance something heavy with something light.

“One of the reasons I love beer is it brings people together quickly, and we should be able to come together when things aren’t as easy as beer,” she said. “When they’re tough, like abuse and assault.”

Jones has another strong belief: believing victims when they say they’ve been abused. With the issue in the national spotlight, she created Credible Pale Ale, described as a “grainy, toasty” beer making a difference outside the brewery.

At the Rape Crisis Center, executive director Erin Thornley Parisi knows statistics that will make your heart stop.

“This work can be very heavy,” Thornley Parisi said. “Every 98 seconds, somebody is raped in this country. Somebody needs us all the time.”

With numbers like that, having an extra $3,000 raised from Credible Pale Ale means a lot to the center. That equals about 20 accompaniments to the hospital or dozens of hours of counseling for survivors.

While they used to not accept partnerships involving alcohol because of its association as a date-rape drug, Thornley Parisi said the center’s position on that is evolving.

“Alcohol does not cause rape. Rapists cause rape,” she said.

It’s a message Thornley Parisi wants to be clear about, and she said there’s no reason a beer can’t elevate a cause.

“Cheers to that, and it’s just really nice to have a very positive vibe around the issue,” she said.

“Rape is bad for everybody, and there’s not a partial statement we could make on this,” Jones said.

That’s why her brewery is donating 100 percent of the sales of Credible Pale Ale to the center.

“People are giving money to the Rape Crisis Center, and we get to thank them with a beer,” Jones said.

She knows the power to change comes from believing.

“We have to trust each other,” Jones said.

Giant Jones Brewery made eight barrels of Credible Pale Ale, and there are currently about five left. Jones estimates she’ll be able to raise at least $10,000 for the Rape Crisis Center.

The beer can be found at the brewery’s tasting room or for sale at Star Liquor, Broadway Drafthouse and Vintage Brewing Company.

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