A green and gold takeover: Packers fans from across the world invade San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Hours ahead of the NFC Championship game in Santa Clara, thousands of Packer fans are ready to watch in person.

On Saturday, hundreds of fans from throughout the United States and beyond met at the Patio in Palo Alto for a “Packers Everywhere” pep rally.

While most made the trip from Wisconsin, others live in the Bay Area year round. Others yet came from Canada, Mexico City and Australia.

Some will make the trip to Levi’s Stadium to watch the game in person. Those who can’t might head to a Packer bar in San Francisco like the HA-RA club, which has been hosting Packer watch parties for years.

“We do free brats on Sundays for them,” said manager Drew Pederson. “We also do Wisconsin Old Fashioned’s.”

Pederson says believe it or not, there is a strong contingency of Green Bay fans living in the city.

“We initially thought we would get 10 or 20, but there’s been a good 20 or 30 for every game,” he said.

This weekend will undoubtedly be the biggest game yet, but Pederson says win or lose, there’s one thing that sets Green Bay fans apart.

“They’re very genuine,” he said. “Happy, loving, good people.”