A draining waiting game: Paisan’s owner speaks out after second evacuation in several months

Paisan's Restaurant

MADISON, Wis. — On Tuesday, Madison’s building inspection office ordered 131 West Wilson Street to evacuate for the second time in several months in the wake of structural concerns.

Paisan’s Italian Restaurant, among many other tenants, is now shut out of the building until further notice. It’s a waiting game Wally Borowski, owner of Paisan’s Restaurant, is frustrated by. 

“I’d like to see us continue, that’s our goal,” Borowski said. “We have tried to be a good community member and I think our customers appreciate us.”

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On September 10, the tenants of 131 West Wilson Street were initially evacuated for several weeks due to structural concerns.

The city announced Tuesday it was making the move because inspection and monitoring reports for the office building at 131 West Wilson Street, home to Paisan’s Italian Restaurant, were not being submitted as required.

“Repairs that were done are temporary in nature and so because of the temporary in nature…there is a monitoring that needs to occur and that monitoring has not been able to occur,” explained City of Madison Building Inspection official Kyle Bunnow.

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So why would that monitoring halt all of a sudden? Bunnow said it comes down to one thing:

“The owners indicated in court yesterday that they could not do so because of the ability to pay the group that does the inspection and monitoring,” Bunnow said.