A culinary trip around The Globe

With dishes inspired by more than 20 countries, this North Henry Street spot has the range of a worldwide culinary tour.
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Photo by Sharon Vanorny

Ashim Malla always hoped to open a restaurant like The Globe, a concept more than eight years in the making. Dining out over the past eight to 10 years served as inspiration for an eatery that would take his favorite dishes from different countries and blend them into one menu. “Every time when I go somewhere out, I would try something different,” Malla says. On Oct. 15, 2018, his lifelong dream became a reality when he opened his restaurant on North Henry Street. Because of the small kitchen, The Globe has a limited menu, so the number of countries represented at the restaurant is less than Malla initially anticipated when collecting and developing his own recipes. Still, The Globe features dishes originating from more than 20 countries.

Malla wanted The Globe to have a little bit of everything, including pita sandwiches, bento boxes, tacos, curry dishes, jambalaya, subs, small plates, ramen, samosas, dumplings and chow mein noodles. “We wanted to bring all that together so whatever people wanted, they can enjoy it together,” Malla says. If one person in your party wants Thai, one wants a sandwich and another wants Indian, they can each satisfy their cravings here.

Every month, Malla runs specials so he can showcase another recipe that didn’t make the original menu. He puts a twist on the traditional recipes by using the spices he and his family have cooked with at previous restaurants they’ve operated. “When you come to The Globe, I would say one time is not enough,” he says. “You have to keep coming and trying a bunch of the stuff so you find out what’s your favorite.”

Three Favorites from The Globe

Best of Both Dishes | Indian Tic-Tac Curry

bucket of curry next to a plate of white rice

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

The Globe has a few curries to choose from, but one of the standouts is the Indian Tic-Tac Curry. It brings together two Indian favorites, tikka masala and butter chicken. Proteins are simmered in a creamy tomato cilantro curry that’s packed with Indian spices. While it’s not spicy on its own, Malla says diners can choose spice levels ranging from one to five. He’s even had a few adventurous eaters ask for more than level five (one person requested level 100).

The Top Plate | Grilled Korean Barbecue With Rice

korean bbq chicken dish in a white bowl with chopsticks over rice

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

Nothing on The Globe’s menu comes close to outselling the grilled Korean barbecue with rice, Malla says. He first tried Korean barbecue while on the East Coast, and it became his go-to order. The Globe’s rendition offers a choice of protein, vegetables, rice and a barbecue sauce that blends sweet and spicy.

Fried to Perfection | Tibetan Dumplings

plate of dumplings

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

For many, the Tibetan dumplings are a must-order. While they can be steamed or served jhole (meaning with a tomato chutney soup), Malla says fried is the customers’ preferred cooking method. The Globe is vegetarian friendly, with 90% to 95% of the menu being meat-free (while 60% to 75% of its dishes can be made vegan), so the restaurant offers chicken or vegetarian options for the dumplings. The vegetarian dumplings are packed with edamame, soya balls, cabbage, onions, scallions and cilantro.

We Are Family

ashim malla with his mom in front of The Globe

Photo by Sharon Vanorny

Ashim Malla (left) and his family work together to operate The Globe on a day-to-day basis. Malla’s mom (right) is heavily involved and his wife, mother-in-law and a few other family members frequently help out. In addition to The Globe, Malla owns Triangle Market across the street, so he’s constantly going back and forth between the two businesses. His family has long been involved in the restaurant scene — his grandparents own Himal Chuli and his uncle owned the now-closed Dobhan, two places that helped Malla develop his cooking skills prior to opening his own restaurant.

Find The Globe: 309 N. Henry St., 640-4435, facebook.com/thegloberestaurant18

Maija Inveiss is an associate editor of Madison Magazine.

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