9-year-old Joey Slaight’s recovery from murder-suicide a miracle, experts say

9-year-old Joey Slaight’s recovery from murder-suicide a miracle, experts say

One year after a Montfort woman shot her two young sons then turned the gun on herself, there is only one word for 9-year-old Joey Slaight’s recovery: miraculous.

In January of 2015, Grant County deputies responded to the call of shots fired at a home in Montfort. Six-year-old Jaxon Slaight died from a gunshot wound to his head. His older brother, 8-year-old Joey Slaight, and his mother, 27-year-old Morgan Slaight, were taken to the hospital, where Morgan died a few days later.

Against all odds, Joey survived.

Fast-forward one year and he’s accomplishing things once thought impossible for the 9-year-old boy.

Joey’s aunt, Andra Munoz, recalls what it was like to fly into Madison to see her nephew in the hospital, preparing for emergency surgery.

“[Through] all the opportunities for him not to survive, he fought so hard. Even when he was in a coma and he was barely alive, he was just fighting, fighting, fighting,” she said. “And that’s what we see today. He’s still fighting.”

Once considered an unattainable goal to get Joey to speak again, he’s now answering questions and laughing at and even making his own jokes.

Once unable to walk without help, he’s now riding a bike.

“When you see Joey Slaight, you’re being given a glimpse into something that very few people get to see,” Joey’s speech therapist, Becky Mitchum, said. “You’re being given a chance to see a miracle. That’s what I would say, he’s a miracle.”

Even one year later, the support for Joey from Wisconsin is stronger than ever. His family says 90 percent of his mail comes from Wisconsin – sometimes from people who never even met Joey. He’s had special visitors, too. The Grant County deputies stopped by the facility just a few weeks ago to see how far their old friend has come.

He’s also received monetary support, including from a family dealing with their own loss. The Jordyn Shey Paulson and Teri Riley Foundation, honoring the loss of their own little girl in a car accident, donated its annual fundraising efforts to Joey’s recovery just in the past month.