88-year-old woman crochets afghans for cancer patients during pandemic

Mary Mayfield

KANSAS CITY, Kansas (KMBC) — We’re all finding ways to cope with changes during the pandemic. One woman in Kansas City, Kansas, is keeping busy during isolation by crocheting. Even she admits she got a little carried away. But it’s all for a good cause.

Mary Mayfield, 88, has been crocheting for decades. She said she loves doing it and for years has been donating her hand-made afghans to cancer patients.

She’s in an apartment at Piper Assisted Living, and with COVID-19 restrictions, she has a lot more time on her hands. In fact, she’s made 46 afghans since March.

“I used to take them all every time I get eight, we can take them to the Cancer Action. Well, I couldn’t do that. So I just can I just accumulate here. It just got more and more. They grew,” Mayfield said.

Her couch, now filled with afghans, used to be filled with friends and family. She has nine children, 24 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. She said she’s anxious for the day they can visit again. In the meantime, she said she is grateful she has a hobby that she enjoys, and she knows her work is appreciated. There’s just one problem.

“I’m kind of trying to slow myself down because I’m going through the yarn too fast and running out, so I’m trying to slow myself down a little bit,” Mayfield said.

She said keeping busy keeps her out of trouble.

“I’ll keep on. As long as I keep my hands, my fingers working, I’ll do it,” she said.

Mayfield donates her afghans to the nonprofit Cancer Action, which provides support and resources to cancer patients. She said she is making arrangements to get them delivered soon.