8-year-old Wisconsin girl speaking at Biden’s inauguration talks about how she was picked for national stage

BELLEVILLE, Wis. — Eight-year-old Morgan Marsh-McGlone made a name for herself in Wisconsin after starting a virtual lemonade stand to raise money for Little John’s, a non-profit pay-what-you-can restaurant to help those dealing with food insecurity and diminish excess food waste. Her fundraiser has already raised more than $53,000.

Marsh-McGlone’s efforts were recognized by national media outlets including Access Hollywood and Now This. Her wide-spread publicity about her do-good efforts caught the attention of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration team.

Marsh-McGlone’s mother, Megan, said she received an email from an inauguration team member saying, “We are looking for stories from across the country to feature alongside other programming that show how we have come together through trying times and that inspire us and give us strength. Morgan’s work with her lemonade stand was brought to our attention and we wanted to reach out and see if she would be interested in participating in the celebration.”

Marsh-McGlone said her initial reaction when her mom told her was, “At first I asked, ‘What is an inauguration?’ Because I did not know what it was. I’ve never heard of it and have never been invited to one.”

After her mom explained what an inauguration was, Marsh-McGlone said, “This is so big I cannot believe this.”

The inauguration team sent Marsh-McGlone a filming kit so she could film a 30-second segment of herself in her kitchen talking about her lemonade stand and how people can donate.

“I hope people want to donate because food insecurity is a major problem and I think it should really help,” she said.

Marsh-McGlone will be tossing to host Tom Hanks at the end of her 30-second segment.

“Back to Tom Hanks! That’s the line I say that tosses back to Tom Hanks,” Marsh-McGlone said.

Chef Dave Heide, who owns Little John’s, said to see the work that Marsh-McGlone has already done for his non-profit puts him at a loss for words.

“We’re so excited. The fact that we have this amazing 8-year-old girl who went out and just wanted to raise $90 to help Little John’s feed kids and now it’s skyrocketed to $53,000 and counting with her website and to be in the inauguration and to have 180 million people watching her. I mean it’s going to be on pretty much every single news network, it’s on Amazon, I mean it’s on everything,” Heide said.

Marsh McGlone said, “It makes me feel very happy since I love to help our community or something doing a good cause.”

Heide said he’s excited to get Little John’s on a national platform but even more excited that Marsh-McGlone’s kindness can be shared with millions across the country.

“Morgan, I love you,” Heide said. “I don’t know what we could do without you. You have been an epic shining beacon for all of us. No matter how bad things have felt or how bad things have gotten, knowing there’s still great people out there like Morgan have been what’s helped keep our whole team going.”

Marsh-McGlone said throughout this entire journey, she’s learned that she can do anything if she sets her mind to it.

“I can do it if I work hard,” she said. “My boundary was $90. But now we have $53,000.”

If you would like to learn more about the virtual lemonade stand or donate, you can visit Marsh-McGlone’s website here or follow her Facebook page here.

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