8-year-old sends thank-you letter to ‘hero’ officer

8-year-old sends thank-you letter to ‘hero’ officer

April 25 was a night of historic violence , but one family whose home was hit with gunfire is very thankful that Officer Mike Love showed up to help.

Madison police Chief Mike Koval said he’d never seen so much violence in one night in the city before. Seven incidents involving guns took place.

With the name Mike Love you’d better believe he polices with a big heart.

“When I see people, I try to wave to them, especially kids,” Love said. “It’s always good to try and build that trust and show that the police are here to help them when they need it.”

Love was definitely needed one scary evening off of Russet Road in Madison. When he arrived at the home Love found a terrified mother with an even more terrified 8-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. They’d nearly been hit by a bullet after several shots intended for a moving vehicle flew through their home instead.

“When the shot happened, I initially thought the worst,” mom Michelle Harrison said. “It was chaos. I was in a panic. The kids were in a panic. He still managed to maintain the area and still calm the kids at the same time.”

8-year-old sends thank-you letter to ‘hero’ officer

Kameron picked up on Love’s calming presence so much so that he presented him with a thank-you letter.

Kameron thanked Love for coming in and saving his mom and his sister.

“You just have to be thankful for officers like Officer Love,” Harrison said.

Love said the note from Kameron is proudly displayed on his fridge at home.

“He’s like a really good hero to me,” Kameron said.