8-year-old horse expected to join city’s mounted patrol unit

First fully-sponsored police horse will replace officer-owned horse on unit
8-year-old horse expected to join city’s mounted patrol unit
New horse

A fourth city-owned horse will join Madison’s mounted patrol soon, following the sudden death of a veteran horse in March.

An officer-owned horse has been filling in with the mounted patrol unit since then, according to a release.

The mounted horse patrol unit has been looking for a replacement and is currently in the trial period of training a new horse, officials said.

The horse will be the first fully-sponsored police horse through the Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol, according to the alert. The sponsorship was made possible by a donation from a citizen.

The horse is undergoing field training, which includes exposing the horse to the urban environment through a series of shifts worked on the street with a veteran police horse, officials said. The new horse will be exposed to buses, sewer grates, manhole covers, sidewalks, dogs, groups of people, traffic and State Street.

Field training will take a few months after the two-month trial period ends, according to the release. Once training is complete, the horse will become an official member of the Madison Police Department. After two years of service, the horse will receive its badge.

The new horse’s name will be revealed at the end of his trial period, police said. The horse is an 8-year-old Friesian gelding who loves people.