8 injured in chain-reaction crash on interstate

Multiple drivers did not see traffic stopped for previous crash, officials say
8 injured in chain-reaction crash on interstate

Eight people were injured in a chain-reaction crash on Interstate 90 Monday afternoon, according to a release.

The crash happened on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 near mile marker 43 around 4:30 p.m., officials said.

An earlier crash had caused traffic in the area to slow down and back up, according to the release.

A silver Honda Accord started to skid after seeing the stopped traffic too late and hit the back of a Honda minivan that was in the backed-up traffic, investigators said. The minivan had severe damage, and as it lurched forward from the impact, it hit the back of a red Pontiac Grand Am.

The driver of a Toyota Rav4 also did not notice the stopped traffic and also hit the back of the Honda minivan, according to the release. Finally, the driver of a green Honda Accord did not notice the stopped traffic in time and hit the back of the Rav4 and came to a rest ahead of the Honda minivan on the median shoulder.

The impact of the green Accord caused the Rav4 to hit the Honda minivan again, investigators said. All six occupants of the Honda minivan and both occupants of the Rav4 sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were transported to Tomah Memorial Hospital.

They were identified as John T. Lange, 44, of Watertown; Molly B. Hennig, 16, from New Hope, Minnesota; Bailey E. Ziemer, 17, from Rochester, Minnesota; Bethany E. Schutlz, 16, from Rochester, Minnesota; Carissa A. Lange, 16, from Watertown; Kaitlin N. Lange, 17, from Watertown; Robert W. Suchner, 70, from DeKalb, Illinois; and Patricia M. Suchner, 69, from DeKalb, Illinois.

The four occupants in the silver Accord, Tyler P. Christman, 23, Anthony J. Sylvester, 23, Zachary J. Sylvester, 20, and John S. Lannoye, 23, all of Madison, refused medical attention, officials said. Two occupants of the Grand Am, Michael L. Weinke, 21, and Jemimah A. Vettrus, 22, both of Stevens Point, and the driver of the green Accord, Sean W. Bilderbach, 19, of Oshkosh, were not injured.

Interstate 90 eastbound was closed for approximately 45 minutes, according to the release. The crash is still under investigation.