79 percent of Wisconsinites planning to travel in 2018, AAA says

79 percent of Wisconsinites planning to travel in 2018, AAA says
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Though the holidays are over, Wisconsinites are still traveling into the new year, according to AAA.

According to a new AAA Consumer Pulse survey, 79 percent of Wisconsin residents are planning to take at least one vacation lasting three or more days this year.

AAA said in a news release that while last year 83 percent of Wisconsinites took significant vacations requiring overnight stays, 10 percent said they are still undecided about their plans this year.

“Strong economic growth led to a record number of holiday travelers last year, and we expect that momentum to carry into 2018,” Assistant Vice President, Travel Sales Development Vicky Evans said in the release.

Evans also cited the harsh winter weather as a possible catalyst for travel in the upcoming months, with a majority of travelers planning to vacation in spring and summer.

“Looking ahead at trends this year, travel to Europe looks strong, thanks to a favorable exchange rate for Americans. Also, domestic travel continues to grow. Destinations like Florida and California are always popular. Meanwhile, Hawaii and Alaska are experiencing more advanced bookings than what we normally see this time of year,” Evans said.

According to the survey, 40 percent of travelers are planning to take a spring break, with that percentage being even higher among Millennials — at 58 percent.

AAA recommended making spring travel plans now to have the most options and lowest prices.

Summer travel plans were even more common than spring vacations. AAA reported that nearly three quarters of Wisconsinites have at least one summer vacation planned.

Evans recommended considering purchasing travelers insurance when making 2018 plans, especially when traveling during hurricane season or if acts of terrorism disrupting travel is a concern.

According to the survey, only 3 percent of Wisconsinites reported terrorism as a concern preventing them from traveling this year. However, 59 percent surveyed said they would maintain a heightened sense of awareness and 40 percent would avoid international travel.

To prepare for vacations in 2018, AAA recommended booking early for the best options and lowest prices, using a travel agent, considering travel insurance to handle unexpected situations while vacationing and being familiar with your destination before traveling.