7 vehicles damaged in hit-and-run spree, driver facing multiple charges, police say

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DARLINGTON, Wis. — A 41-year-old driver is facing multiple charges in connection with a weekend hit-and-run spree in Lafayette County, police said.

The Darlington Police Department said officers first became aware of the incident when a vehicle was reported damaged at 3:26 a.m. Sunday on Ohio Street.

As police investigated, several other vehicles, a stop sign and some lawns were found damaged.

According to the report, 41-year-old Mateo Domingo-Carmelo, of Darlington, is a suspect in the hit-and-runs. Mateo is facing tentative charges of operating without a valid license, operating a motor vehicle without insurance, hit-and-run to an unattended vehicle, failure to notify the police of an accident, recklessly driving endangering safety, operating an unauthorized vehicle in a park and obstructing an officer.

Police said seven vehicles sustained damage and no one was injured.

Darlington police said the incident is still under investigation.