7 guns, Taser, pot, heroin seized in Monona area in 5 days

PD: Suspects

Police said multiple guns, including one with a 31-round extended magazine, plus drugs have been seized in the Monona and town of Madison area within a five-day stretch.

In a joint news release Tuesday, Monona and town of Madison police said officers responded to four incidents last week in which officers found and seized drugs and weapons.

Police said that on Wednesday, town of Madison officers responded to a report of a fight involving about 15 people at local gas station. One person was found with a gun, a Taser and marijuana.

On Friday, Monona officers stopped a vehicle occupied by three people on the Beltline. Officers recovered marijuana and a loaded handgun.

On Sunday, town of Madison officers were called to a weapons-related disturbance in the 2600 block of Hazelwood Court. Officers recovered heroin and two guns, one of which had a 31-round extended magazine.

Also on Sunday, Monona officers stopped a vehicle occupied by four people on the Beltline. Police recovered marijuana, three handguns (one of which was listed as stolen), a 50-round drum magazine and a gun case with two magazines.

Police said in each incident, a few of the suspects involved were confirmed gang members.

Police chiefs Walter Ostrenga, of Monona, and Scott Gregory, for the town of Madison, said they were sharing the information about the gun and drug seizures to make the public aware in light of the recent shootings in the Madison area.