62 counts filed against man accused of assaulting women

Bond increased to $1M
62 counts filed against man accused of assaulting women
Brian Stowe

A Madison man is charged with 62 counts related to accusations that he assaulted and photographed eight women, according to a criminal complaint.

Bail for Brian C. Stowe, 28, was increased to an additional $527,000 after he posted a half million dollar bond last week. He was also ordered to surrender his passports.

The criminal complaint includes 27 counts of capturing an image of nudity without consent, 33 counts of second-degree sexual assault and two counts of possessing a recording of nudity without consent for accused crimes dating back to 2009.

The complaint states a 17-year-old girl contacted police in October and reported waking up at Stowe’s home and Stowe having sexual contact with her. The girl told police she was sharing a cab with Stowe and was talked into going into his apartment with him.

Police searched Stowe’s home in November and recovered a camera and digital storage devices. Investigators said they uncovered photos of females asleep or passed out due to intoxication and a man engaging in sexual activities with the unresponsive females.

The victims include friends and co-workers from his previous employment at Epic in Verona.

During Monday’s hearing, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said if he were to charge Stowe with all possible charges, he would be charged with more than 140 counts.

“Five different women have been identified as victims of sexual assault, three additional ones being representations depicting nudity,” said Corey Stephan, assistant Dane County district attorney. “This is not just an after-bar practical joke that went awry.”