6 places to take a first date

Test the waters along with these spots

For a first date, Madison resident Sara Solovey often goes for coffee or drinks because the setting can be fairly laid-back and it’s easy to get out quickly if a date goes sour. Next time, try one of these casual spots.

Take in the beautiful sights of Madison while enjoying a glass of wine at Eno Vino Downtown. Or head to the west side location for an equally swanky wine bar vibe. 1 N. Webster St., 10th floor; 601 Junction Rd.

Mint Mark is a great choice for both morning and evening dates. Go for coffee and a biscuit, or have dinner and order a craft cocktail and a few small plates. 1929 Winnebago St.

With its classic Wisconsin-sourced menu items and tasty cocktails, The Old Fashioned can make you feel comfortable even when meeting a stranger. Plus, if the date is going well, why not split a plate of some of the city’s best cheese curds? 23 N. Pinckney St.6 places to take a first date

Cozy up with a waffle and a seasonal latte at Indie Coffee. With a wall of cool records and funky decor, this shop will give you plenty to point out during any possible awkward lulls. 1225 Regent St.

Test out fun cocktails together at the Robin Room, a craft cocktail bar serving up classic and specialty cocktails. The intimate setting is perfect for getting to know someone. 821 E. Johnson St.

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a made-from-scratch baked good from Helbachs Coffee House. We won’t mind if you don’t share, but your date might. 410 D’onofrio Dr.