50 Years of Madison conservation parks

MADISON – With all of April being Earth Month and Earth Day taking place Friday, it’s the perfect time to take a look at our local natural environment. The city of Madison is celebrating 50 years of its conservation parks.

Spread across the entire city, 21 unique conservation parks highlight and preserve the glacial land that Madison once was. Whether it be planting seeds to improve the native plant community, removing invasive shrubs, or bringing in grazing animals for species control, conservation leaders said there’s always work to be done in preserving these environments. That hard work especially pays off in the face of climate change.

“A good, healthy, diverse natural area is more resistant to any ill effects that may come along, whether related to climate change or diseases that just naturally pop up,” said Paul Quinlan, the city’s conservation resources supervisor. “If you have a wide range of species, then that habitat can still remain even if one of the species suffers.”

To celebrate 50 years of conservation and education for all, the city is planning stories, videos, and events all throughout 2022. You can find the first few videos here. Conservation park tours will also be available beginning in May and running until October. No registration is required for the tours, which are free to attend and welcome all ages.

For details on these events, click or tap here. For an in-depth look at a map of all conservation parks in Madison, see below.