5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds

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5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds
Try making rhubarb liquer with fresh rhubarb from farmers' markets.

Tis the season: Farmers’ Market Season. It may be the best time of the year, and opening day might as well be a foodie’s holiday. Here’s what Whisk members are most looking forward to at markets. Hey fresh ramps, we can’t wait for our reunion.

5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds1. Fresh greens

“I look forward to early signs of spring in the April market. Combining fresh greens from the spring harvest like pea shoots and spinach in a soup with the remaining sweet potatoes from last fall is a nice way to celebrate the transition to a new season. Sorrel leaves are another early spring favorite to add to sauces and soups.” Liz Kepplinger, Inspired by the Seasons

5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds2. Rhubarb and ramps

“The first markets are always a bit quiet, but as soon as I start seeing rhubarb and ramps I know that we’re in business. It means that breakfast, lunch, and dinner on our patio is just around the corner.” -Vicky Cassidy, Things I Made Today

5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds3. Ramps, green garlic and spicy greens

“When it comes to the first outdoor farmers’ markets of the season, I’m all about the ramps. For the few weeks they’re available, I’ll be eating them grilled, sauteed, pickled, pesto-fied and pretty much every other way imaginable. I’m also incredibly excited to get my hands of plenty of green garlic, spicy greens like watercress and arugula and frost-sweetened spinach.” -Sarah Woolworth, Wisconsin from Scratch

5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds4. Asparagus, morels and Thai basil plants

“Asparagus: so versatile! From frittatas to risotto–roasted, steamed or grilled. It’s all good.
Morels: precious, decadent and fleeting. I’m feeling a wild mushroom bisque coming on!
Maybe most of all: Thai basil plants that I can take home and plant in my garden for great stir-fries and curries all summer.” -Michelle Frank, Flipped-Out Food

5 uses for these favorite farmers’ market finds5. Rhubarb

“Each year my husband and I make big batches of rhubarb liqueur to capture the flavor of spring and summer and enjoy it all year long. I can’t wait to pick up a few bundles of those red stalks to take home!” -Bowen Close, Bowen Appetit