5 tips for eating well at pancake haven

Short Stack Eatery is a hip breakfast spot
5 tips for eating well at pancake haven
A sweet Combo: Owners Alex Lindenmeyer (left) and Sinéad McHugh; strawberry sweet potato pancakes (front) and chocolate chip panacakes.

1. THE BACKSTORY: While most teens goofed off in high school, besties Sinead McHugh and Alex Lindenmeyer began planting the seeds to open one of the hippest breakfast spots in Madison. With Short Stack Eatery, the Edgewood High School alums answer many middle-of-the-night cravings.

2. THE vibe: Short Stack is one of those rare businesses that appeals to everyone. If you go overnight, the music pumps through the restaurant as in a late-night bar. “It’s about getting good food and going home,” laughs Lindenmeyer. “It’s not rowdy.” At 7 a.m., it becomes a place you could take Grandma for brunch. With handwritten letters and old envelopes placed on all the tables, the eatery feels charming, light and cozy.

3. THE food: The small menu divides dishes by sweet or savory, with locally sourced ingredients. There’s a long list of short stacks–from buttermilk to blueberry to chocolate chip (and some gluten-free options).

4. THE MUST-TRY: If you’re feeling adventurous, try the ever-popular blind special. You get it for half-price unless you ask what it is. If you can’t handle suspense, try the sweet potato oatmeal pancakes made with bourbon-maple mascarpone. Customers rave about the Cajun biscuits and spicy sausage gravy. And the twenty-five-ingredient Bloody Mary is nearly famous–concocted by a University of Wisconsin-Madison microbiologist.

5. The bottom line: McHugh describes Short Stack as an untraditional place with untraditional hours, open nonstop from Thursday morning to Sunday night. It’s gained a cult-like following, too, with diehards lining up outside just for a taste.

5 tips for eating well at pancake haven