5 pop-up hot spots

These places frequently host pop-ups
5 pop-up hot spots
Ava Rodriguez
Guest Chef Megan Travers at Morris Ramen

Looking for a pop up? These places frequently host pop-ups throughout the year.

Funk Factory Geuzeria
After opening in June 2017, Funk Factory became a go-to hangout for sipping traditional lambic beer. It also invites food carts to share its space for pop-ups. El Grito Taqueria is a frequent flyer. 1602 Gilson St., 571-4344

Goodman Community Center
This private nonprofit houses preschool, 4-year-old kindergarten, after-school programs and more. But pop-up events sometimes take place at family fun nights or community cookouts, among many other events serving people of all ages. 149 Waubesa St., 241-1574

Macha Tea Co.
Macha Tea Co. is an art gallery turned teahouse. While it serves up quality teas – its matcha tea was voted the best cup of tea in the 2018 Best of Madison poll – it also invites pop-ups into its kitchen. Big Mouth Pasta has shared the space on several occasions. 823 E. Johnson St., 283-9286

Morris Ramen
Francesca Hong, chef and co-owner of Morris Ramen, kicked off her “Guest Chef Late Night Ramen Series” in April. On Sunday nights, she invites guest chefs from different Madison eateries into her kitchen to create ramen recipes. 106 King St., 416-5547

Robin Room
Robin Room boasts homemade cocktails and a cordial atmosphere. As for pop-ups, it doesn’t do the scheduling. “If [Robin Room] were to hunt chefs down trying to book a schedule, it would just be unnecessary stress for all parties involved,” says bartender Mike Lu. They let the pop-ups come to them, and they often pop up on short notice. The strategy must work because the bar is a pop-up veteran. 821 E. Johnson St., 284-7638